Our farm in numbers:

  • Purebred Holstein herd of 180 heads
  • 105 adult cows
  • 370 hectares, including 305 fodder and cereal crop
  • 5 hectares of organic wild blueberry
  • 60 wooded hectares

Built in 2003, the main stable has a natural ventilation and the animals flow around freely here.

The annual milk production rate sits around 600,000 liters.


Our milk: directly from the farm to the cheese dairy

Built in 1993, our artisanal cheese dairy fulfills our criteria requirements of freshness and proximity of basic matters, meaning our cows’ milk. When visiting, you can observe the pipes that relay the farm and the cheese dairy.

Our setup includes a milk reception area, a transformation room, a cutting room, a cold room, a ripening room for the yogurt and a boutique. Therefore, we find here all the necessary equipment for the inoculation and transformation of yogurts and cheeses.