Exceptional organic products


BOUCHARD Artisan Bio’s mission is to create exceptional organic milk products. Hence, we offer to consumers a quality unique experience that respects all living things and promotes the artisanal production methods that we inherited.

We have a rich heritage of innovating in a respectful way to the environment. We choose to perpetuate the philosophy of breeding, of production and of research that the Bouchard have bequeathed to us. The social dimension of sustainable development as well as getting to share knowledge and experiences, has for five generations served as a token to long-term profitability.


Three fundamental values that have been present in the business for five generations positions BOUCHARD Artisan Bio. Its product offer, its communications and all its relationships with its expanding clientele are marked by these values.


For the last five generations, the Bouchard family has relentlessly worked at increasing the value of its grounds and of its animals’ well-being. It is in an environment of pleasure and respect that each team member has the possibility to contribute with their aspirations and talents to the milk industry which makes the success of the renowned family products.


BOUCHARD Artisan Bio aims for balance at all levels: in the earth, where a genius combination of complimentary plants grows; in the fabrication of its organic milk products that are created in a respectful fashion towards the environment; and in its management style which respects their own well-being close to nature. Finally, the balance is also achieved thanks to a global lifestyle where an equal amount of importance is given to aspects covering the farm and animals’ maintenance as well as the business’ management and its vitality.


The central key to BOUCHARD Artisan Bio is their customer, their experience and their satisfaction. The business counts on the taste and the quality of their product above all else. Hence, it aims to fully satisfy every customer’s tasting experience.